An Ideal Employee Book Design

An Ideal Employee Book Design

The book Ideal employee intends to acquaint the readers with some of the basic principles which the modern employees should keep in mind while performing their jobs so as to make their on-job experience more enjoyable and rewarding. The book is based on the theory and strong belief that holding any kind of negative feeling and grudge while working in any organization would harm the individual himself more than anyone else. Consequently, the book attempts to motivate the employees to carry a more positive and optimistic outlook towards their jobs, superiors and organizations. It scientifically strives to prove that carrying a positive attitude towards the job increases their commitment, efficiency and job satisfaction levels. All in all, it tries to teach the basic diplomacy and certain obvious do’s and dont’s which an ideal employee must follow.

This was a four colour book designed by Mukesh Nayak and published by Movewell Media. A lot of value addition in terms of the visuals, quotations and illustrations used in the book were done from our end, over and above the manuscript given by the author.

  • Client Dr S S Deshpande
  • Tags 2016, Books, Business

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